birthday poem

April 19, 2010

my friend adam turned 25 last week and at the last moment i decided to make him a card. i had rummaged through a friend’s recycling bin the day before and found a magazine with decent stock and glossy images. a few struck my interest and i ripped them out not knowing what i’d create. after piecing, tearing, adding on and stapling together the black-and-white abstract card, i decided it needed the perfect words to match. so i wrote adam a poem about wisdom and age. although it’s meant for him, the message is poignant for all.


a man of seventy
sat on a weathered park bench
for no particular reason other than fulfillment

as he sat the birds sang
perched nearby was a finch
he listened as their melodies became lyrics

their simple tune was sagacious
and reflective of their habitat
a familiarity to the silver-streaked vetran

one that recalled a lifetime
yet the most significant of these remembrances
was the simplest:

to walk with wide eyes
to listen to the backdrop of the time
to share your spirit
is to know all

photo by john hook


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